Mortar Grinder for Universal Grinding - PULVERISETTE 2

The PULVERISETTE 2 mortar grinder from FRITSCH is an ideal universal grinder for laboratory applications such as materials testing, quality control, analysis.

It can handle a sample quantity of up to 190 ml with a feed size ranging between 6 and 8 mm for a final finenesses ranging from 10 to 20 µm. Pestles and mortar bowls for the PULVERISETTE 2 are offered in seven different materials to deliver contamination-free sample grinding for each application.

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Key Features

  • It is easier to add sample materials, additives and liquids during the process of grinding
  • Reliable reproducibility can be achieved as it is easier to adjust the downward pestle pressure applied on the mortar bowl
  • It is easier to set and adjust the pestle pressure on the mortar wall, enabling perfect grinding
  • Optimized FRITSCH scraper kinematics that can be adjusted on three axes, enabling a perfect fit of the scraper against the inner wall of the mortar bowl
  • The mortar bowl’s robust coating with high-quality plastic frame is robust, light and has good grip
  • The large acrylic window and LEDs that illuminate the grinding chamber are helpful in checking the grinding process
  • It is easy to clean due to the easy removal of mortar bowl and pestle
  • Provides dust- and loss-free grinding through closed grinding chamber

Application Examples for the Mortar Grinder PULVERISETTE 2

Producing Mixtures in the Lab

The most difficult mixtures can be created using the PULVERISETTE 2 such as the fine dispersion of pure liquid mercury in a mixture of fine metal powders. The system can introduce the highest possible amount of solids in the high-viscosity organic phase for the production of filled pastes.

Chemical Evaluation of Mineral Animal Feed

It is stipulated that when performing chemical evaluation of animal feed for chemical and trace elements, the sample preparation and production of a homogeneous and fine samples must have a particle size of under 0.5mm/0.25mm. In an agate grinding set the PULVERISETTE 2 achieves this final fineness after only five to ten minutes, without heating.

Quantity of Active Ingredients in Medicines

In order to validate the right quantity of active ingredients in dragées, tablets or pastilles, the PULVERISETTE 2 offers a homogenous powder of around < 100 μm particle size after a grinding time of 1 – 5 minutes, ideally in a grinding set made of hard porcelain or agate. The Mortar Grinder makes sure that gentle grinding is done with no thermal load ensuring no active ingredient is lost.

Inspecting Food for Possible Residues

For inspecting food with respect to possible residues, especially for temperature sensitive pesticides or fertilisers, it must be prepared in a temperature-conserving manner. This is very difficult particularly with elastic-fibrous samples such as tomatoes. Here the PULVERISETTE 2 provides ideal prerequisites with its gentle grinding without any thermal load and the possibility for cryogenic preparation.


  • Apart from laboratory applications, the mortar grinder can be used to mix and homogenize creams and pastes on a laboratory scale
  • It is suitable for producing tablets in galenics thanks to its gentle grinding by friction with virtually no thermal load
  • It is suitable for cryogenic grinding, wherein difficult-to-mill samples with fibrous, moist and elastic structures are pulverized by adding liquid nitrogen
  • It is an ideal instrument to mix solids or solid and liquids.

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