SPECTROBLUE Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES)

SPECTROBLUE is a compact, midrange ICP-OES solution, which delivers optimal performance and price for routine laboratory analysis in a rugged and ultra-reliable package. The SPECTROBLUE draws on SPECTRO's experience in inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES, ICP-AES) over more than 25 years.

The SPECTROBLUE ICP-OES is available in three versions:

  • SPECTROBLUE EOP  - for axial plasma observation
  • SPECTROBLUE SOP  for radial plasma observation
  • SPECTROBLUE TI - with a twin interface for both axial and radial operation

Its advanced confocal optical system delivers excellent optical resolution and sensitivity. SPECTROBLUE also utilizes revolutionary UV-PLUS gas purification technology and a breakthrough OPI-AIR interface that avoids costly, complicated external water cooling. Visit the SPECTROBLUE Resource Center for more information about eliminating gas purging and external cooling.

The SPECTROBLUE plasma generator is designed for maximum efficiency. It packs ample power reserves even for extreme plasma loads. Plus its free-running 27 MHz design provides wider frequency bandwidth.

Along with these features, the SPECTROBLUE ICP-OES system comes equipped with SPECTRO’s proprietary SMART ANALYZER VISION software, making it easy to take full advantage of the instrument’s simplified operation and unique analytical capabilities.

Key Features

The product features of the SPECTROBLUE inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer are:

  • Three versions: Axial, radial or twin interface
  • Excellent optical resolution and sensitivity
  • Powerful generator for maximum efficiency
  • UV-PLUS gas purification system


Some example applications of the SPECTROBLUE ICP-OES analyzer include:

  • Aqueous solution analysis
  • Waste water and sludge analysis
  • Drinking water analysis
  • Environmental sample analysis
  • Soil analysis

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