Shuttle & Find for Material Analysis from Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss offers Shuttle & Find which is a correlative microscopy interface for light and electron microscopes and is suitable for materials analysis. It is also an extremely flexible two-way system which allows combining any number of Carl Zeiss systems for correlative microscopy. It allows transferring specimen from one microscope system to another microscope system using a combined hardware and software solution in a few minutes. Correlative particle analyzer is used for combining data from electron and light microscopes. A report is provided by the analyzer, which helps in integrating the results obtained from both light and electron microscopic analysis. The correlative particle analyzer is capable of producing the results 10 times faster than that of consecutive individual analysis on light and electron microscopes.

Key Features

The key features of the Shuttle & Find are:

  • AxioVision user interface for light microscope and correlative SEM control
  • Fast relocation of regions of interest
  • It includes specially designed sample holders, and adapters
  • Overlap and match function

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