eXpert 3910 Series Dynamic Testing Machine from Admet

Admet offers fatigue testers, which are compact, quiet, and clean electro-dynamic testing systems. They are designed for determining the durability of components and materials. The eXpert 3910 series is a dynamic testing machine which consists of voice coil linear actuators for fast, high-cycle, and low force fatigue applications into the millions of cycles. It includes MTESTQuattro(R) high-speed closed-loop controller, which can be programmed to generate square, sine and triangular waveforms. It is very easy to maintain and provides high speed, durability and precision. It can be customized to satisfy customers' requirements and exceeds all ASTM/ISO accuracy requirements.


The accessories available for the eXpert 3910 series are:

  • Environmental chambers
  • Temperature controlled baths
  • Grips
  • Extensometers or deflectometers
  • Fixtures
  • Cutting tools


Typical specifications for the eXpert 3910 series are:

  • Continuous forces up to 40N
  • Short stroke 0-75 mm
  • MTESTQuattro software controller is used to create user definable test methods

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