eXpert 3930 series Dynamic Testing Machine from Admet

The eXpert 3930 series table top dynamic testing machine is a compact, quiet, and clean electro-dynamic testing system which is used for determining the durability of components and materials. It consists of efficient brushless linear motors with high accuracy, acceleration and repeatability. It is ideal for use in biomedical and composite testing applications. It is equipped with the MTESTQuattro(R) high-speed closed-loop controller which can be programmed to generate sine, square and triangular waveforms. It is rugged and robust, and has high speed, durability and precision. It offers high sensitivity and resolution in order to accurately test soft biologic materials at low force. It is suitable for carrying out multi-million cycle durability tests.


The accessories available for the eXpert 3930 series are:

  • Heated fluid baths
  • Custom fixturing
  • Environmental chambers
  • Standard grips and fixtures
  • Extensometers


The common specifications available for the eXpert 3930 series are given in the following table.

Stroke 50 mm/2 in
(Longer strokes available)
Cooling Forced air
Power 220 VAC 1f/40 A max 50/60Hz
Force accuracy +/- 0.5% of indicated load from 1% to 100% of load cell capacity
Actuator connections M6 x 1 RH center thread
4X M6 on 36mm BC
Position resolution 1 mm/39 min
Base connections M6 x1 RH Center Thread
4X M6 on 36mm BC
4X M6 on 120mm BC
4X M8 T-nut on 100mm Ctr
Max vertical opening 559 mm/22 in
(Between Base & X-head)
Dynamic capability 100 Hz
Vertical opening adjustment Manual lever clamps
Crosshead counter balanced for easy vertical adjustment


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