eXpert 5900 Dynamic Testing Machine from Admet

Admet offers the eXpert 5950 series table-top dynamic testing machine which suitable for use in determining the durability of components and materials. It consists of a brushless rotary motor with rugged roller screw design for higher force and longer stroke applications. It also includes the MTESTQuattro(R) high-speed closed-loop controller which can be programmed to produce square, sine and triangular waveforms.


The accessories available for the eXpert 5950 series are:

  • Standard grips and fixtures
  • Heated fluid baths
  • Contact and non-contacting extensometers
  • Environmental chambers
  • Custom fixturing


The common specifications of the eXpert 5950 series are given in the following table.

Stroke 152 mm/6 in
Base Connections M6 x1 RH Center Thread
4X M6 on 36mm BC
4X M6 on 120mm BC
4X M8 T-nut on 100mm Ctr
Vertical Opening Adjustment Manual lever clamps.
Crosshead counter balanced for easy vertical adjustment.
Dynamic Capability 10 Hz
Force Accuracy +/- 0.5% of indicated load from 1% to 100% of load cell capacity
Cooling Convection
Max Vertical Opening 559 mm/22 in
(Between Base & X-head)
Actuator Connections M6 x 1 RH Center Thread
4X M6 on 36mm BC


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