AGS-X Series of Universal Testers

The AGS-X series of universal testers from Shimadzu features load cells with an optimum capacity range of 1N to 300kN, and multiple control options to provide practical testing solutions. With a combination of advanced specifications and an economical yet sophisticated design, these universal testers are designed with utmost safety considerations.

Shimadzu offers a wide option of testing accessories such as extensometers, environmental chambers, three- and four-point bending jigs, compression plates, and tensile grips, the AGS-X universal testers can be customized to meet the specific requirements of any application.

AGS-X Models

The following are the models available in the AGS-X series:

  • Up to 10kN tabletop model
  • 20kN tabletop model
  • 50kN tabletop model
  • 100kN floor model
  • 300kN floor model

In addition, Shimadzu offers extended-column height models with column extensions of 250mm or 500mm for tensile testing samples with large elongations.

Key Features

The key features of the AGS-X series are listed below:

  • Easily control of stress and strain - Control parameters can be auto-tuned in real time depending on measured test force and strain data.
  • Accurate stress-strain curves with Class 0.5 load cells
  • High-speed data sampling of up to 1 msec (1kHz) affirms no missed strength changes.
  • Comprehensive safety measures, including easily accessible emergency stop switches and optional safety covers to give protection to operators from any sample debris Test Control Options The test control options offered by Shimadzu include:
  • An integrated main operation panel in the up to 10 kN tabletop model can be employed to create compression, cycle and tension test methods. An external main operation panel featured in the 20kN to 300kN AGS-X models can be used to setting up tests, and open and close an automatic extensometer or automatic grips.
  • Trapezium X testing software from Shimadzu is an advanced data collection and processing software that allows accommodating all materials development and quality control data analysis requirements.

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