ADMET Servohydraulic Testing Machines

ADMET offers eXpert 1000 servohydraulic testing machines suitable for testing concrete, metals, webbing, medical devices, and other materials in static and fatigue testing applications.

ADMET servohydraulic machines are designed with strain gage load cells and integrated electronics and hydraulic power supply. These frames provide accurate force measurement while avoiding the need of compensating piston friction and occupying a smaller space compared to the more traditional hydraulic UTM design.

eXpert 1600 Series Servohydraulic Universal Testing Machines

eXpert 1600 series dual column servohydraulic universal testing machines are capable of performing static tension, compression, bend testing.

eXpert 1900 Series Servohydraulic Fatigue Testing Machines

eXpert 1900 Series dynamic fatigue testers are engineered to meet the force-stroke-frequency requirements of your application.


The features of the eXpert servohydraulic testing machines are:

  • Up to 600kN; Static and Dynamic Fatigue Tests to 15 Hz.
  • Performs tension, compression, peel, and bend tests.
  • The eXpert series exceeds all ASTM/ISO accuracy requirements.
  • Simple and low maintenance hydraulic design.
  • All testing systems are made in the USA and are supported for life.

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