ADMET ExPress Servo Hydraulic Testing Machines

ADMET offers ExPress servo hydraulic testing machines which are suitable for testing concrete, metals, webbing, and other materials at low cost. Strain gage load cells are used by ExPress frames for directly measuring the force. These frames provide high precision and accuracy, and minimize the service costs and long-term calibration. These machines avoid the need of compensating piston friction and other non-linearities. They ensure fast delivery, low cost, maintenance free operation, and continuous testing to maximum load. The frames are integrated with electronics and the hydraulic power supply, thus occupying less space. They are suitable for performing compression, static tension, adhesion and flexure tests.


The features of the ExPress servo hydraulic testing machines are:

  • Simple and low maintenance design
  • Exceeds ASTM and ISO accuracy standards
  • Up to 600kN; Static and Dynamic Fatigue Tests to 15 Hz
  • Performs tension, compression, peel, and bend tests.

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