ADMET BioTense Bioreactor

The BioTense Perfusion Bioreactor is designed for performing high resolution investigation in mechanobiology by cell biologists and tissue engineers. It is a self-contained instrument which can apply uniaxial forces to 7N and elongations of 25 mm. It can also apply uniaxial mechanical stimulation, and observe cell/matrix interaction at high magnification for a long period of time. The bioreactor is situated at a top of the XYZ stage of an inverted microscope. It has recorded the complex and organized cell sheet motions, coordinated extracellular matrix production, and the process of fibroblasts populating, growing to confluence and stratifying on different substrates.


The features of the BioTense Bioreactor are:

  • Accurately controls reactor temperature
  • Enables cells to proliferate and differentiate over long periods of time
  • A window is provided to directly observe cellular activity at high magnification
  • Maintains desired concentrations of nutrients through a perfusion process
  • An adjustable height chamber is provided for reducing dead space volume
  • Exposes tissues to uniaxial force and strain fields

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