GV10x DS Asher from ibss Group

ibss Group, in association with a plasma source inventor, has designed a sophisticated in situ Asher dubbed GV10x DS. The Asher can be used across TMP operating pressure ranges without any considerable damage to SEM or TMP. Using DS process, the instrument effectively and evenly reduces carbon and hydrocarbons by as much as 10 to 20 times.

Standard GV10x DS plasma is driven with oxygen or air to oxidize hydrocarbon impurities. Experimental results performed at synchrotron and NIST laboratories demonstrate that DS hydrogen plasma is safe and effective for eliminating carbon residue on multilayer mirrors. The GV10x DS Asher can be integrated in a number of laboratory tools. Unlike routine plasma cleaners, the DS process eliminates sample heating, sputter damage and kinetic impingement.

The GV10x provides an ultimate solution for cleaning chambers. In contrast to other standard techniques, the GV process quickly and effectively removes impurities even from the far corners of surfaces which can potentially desorb hydrocarbon contamination. Additionally, with more options of pressure and power, the GV10x can be used for cleaning EUV and synchrotron optics.

Key Features

The product features of the GV10x DS Asher are:

  • Quickly and effectively reduces carbon and hydrocarbons
  • Does not cause sample heating, sputter damage, or kinetic impingement
  • Can be operated across TMP operating pressure ranges without affecting SEM or TMP


The applications of the GV10x DS Asher are:

  • HC contamination
  • Can be used in several laboratory tools
  • Can be used for cleaning EUV and synchrotron optics
  • Suitable for heavily contaminated surfaces and large volume chambers

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