Cryogenic Dry And Wet Grinding Of Small Samples - The Mixer Mill MM 400

The Mixer Mill MM 400 available from RETSCH is specifically designed for cryogenic, dry and wet grinding of small quantities of sample.

This compact and versatile bench-top system allows fast, efficient and reproducible grinding, mixing and homogenization of suspensions and powders. In addition, the MM 400 is ideal for DNA/RNA extraction as well as for cell disruption.

This highly flexible and high performance instrument is used in a variety of applications, such as bones, alloys, cereals, ceramics, coke, coal, drugs, tablets, glass, grains, minerals, ores, paper, plastics, soils, straw, tissue, wood and tobacco products, amongst others. A range of accessories, such as adapter racks, grinding tool materials, and jars and balls in various sizes, are available with the mixer mill.

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