Micromeritics ASAP 2425 Surface Area and Porosimetry System

The fully automated Micromeritics ASAP® 2425 surface area and porosimetry system is designed to help busy laboratories manage high demands while providing highly accurate and precise data. High performance, versatile analysis, and sample preparation systems are included in the same

The ASAP 2425 includes the innovative Micromeritics MicroActive software that allows users to interactively evaluate isotherm data. 

In addition to the standard Micromeritics ASAP 2425, low surface area krypton and micropore models are available.

Key Features

  • Fully automated analyses
  • High throughput with six independent analysis stations
  • Each analysis port has a dedicated analysis and Po pressure transducer
  • Twelve independent computer-controlled degas ports
  • Evacuation rate precisely regulated by servo valve technology
  • Six BET surface area measurements in as little as 1 hour
  • Dosing options of maximum volume increment or dose amount over specified pressure ranges
  • Entered or calculated analysis temperature
  • User-defined equilibration time settings allow valuable savings in analysis time 
  • Low surface area high throughput krypton and micropore units are also available 

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