MPM Charpy/Izod 9000 Series Impact Test Machine

The MPM Charpy/Izod 9000 Series impact test machines can be used with pendulums in the 100 ft-lb to 700 ft-lb energy capacity range. Since the machine frame has been designed for up to 700 ft-lbs, any lower capacity can be accommodated. Therefore, you can upgrade your machine capacity later by purchasing a higher capacity pendulum without the need to buy an entire test machine. MPM will provide the test machine with the customer-specified energy capacity at the time of purchase. As discussed later, the accuracy of the energy measurement for higher capacity machines is equivalent to that for low capacity machines through the use of advanced encoder technology.

The pendulum impact test machine can be provided with several options:

  • Instrumented striker system (Instrumented Impact Testing)
  • Automatic pendulum return system (Automatic Pendulum Return)
  • In-situ heating & cooling system (In-situ Heating & Cooling)
  • Automatic specimen transfer system (Automatic Specimen Transfer)
  • Precision tongs (Tongs)
  • Image analysis system for percent shear determination

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