Spectrometer for Industrial Applications - TEST-MASTER Pro

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science's TEST-MASTER Pro is a robust, mobile spectrometer for accurate metal analysis, quick grade ID and sorting of metallic samples. It can operate continuously and is suited for fully automated and heavy industrial applications.

Key Features

  • Easy and fast testing – Measurements are done with an easy-to-handle-pistol. The pistol is simply held to the sample, the trigger is pushed and the results are read. The complete chemical composition and the alloy grade appear in just a few seconds on the integrated touch screen.
  • Precise analysis and material identification – Accurate carbon analysis is enabled in 4 s. Precise analysis is ensured on samples of all shapes and sized using innovative jet stream technology.
  • Advanced technology – Sophisticated technology ensures consistent measurement and operation results. The design includes light weight sample probe, CCD solid-state detectors covering the whole spectral range between 185 and 420 nm, high-resolution Multi-CCD optics, rugged construction using heat exchanger system without airflow, maintaining maximum uptime and field reliability, uninterrupted power supply, input via touchscreen, reliable, repeatable and flexible analysis for all segments of the metals industry for inspections, quality controlsystems and safety procedures
  • UV-Pro mini optic probe - The optional UV-Pro mini optic probe for the mobile metal analyser TEST-MASTER Pro is used for analyzing UV elements and low carbon contents. Wavelength coverage is 170 – 200 nm.
  • ARC probe - The ARC probe is suitable for arc applications. It has a reinforced cooling system ideally suited for heavy workload.
  • SPARK probe - The robust SPARK probe is dedicated for spark applications

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