Arc Plasma Deposition Systems from ULVAC

ULVAC offers a new Arc Plasma Deposition (APD) system, which is suitable for battery, fuel cell and catalyst research. The system makes it possible to deposit alloys, magnetic materials, dense metal films and DLC without using any process gas. Film uniformity is +/- 10% over a 50-mm diameter coated area. In addition, highly smooth and dense multilayer thin films can be fabricated at the rate of ∼0.01 to 0.3 nm/sec. The system can also be upgraded to meet large-scale production needs.

Key Features

The main features of the APD systems are:

  • Obtains dense films with extreme flatness and adhesiveness with high energy density deposition from the 400 V charging voltage
  • Deposits ultra nano crystal diamond with equal hardness as a crystal diamond; has excellent heat resistance and thermal conductivity (APD-H model)
  • Supports nanoparticles; effective for controlling cohesion and sintering in extreme temperatures (APD-P model)
  • Controls simple film thickness by the number of pulses, from an Å-equivalent film thickness to µm-order film thickness control
  • Catalytic activity is higher than traditional wet process catalysts; oxidation and reduction reactions take place at low temperatures


The applications of the APD systems are:

  • Metallic thin films
  • Lens mold coatings using ultrafine crystal diamond
  • Abrasion-resistant coating of machine parts using DLC
  • Photocatalysts, exhaust catalysts, VOC cracking catalysts, fuel cell catalysts, carbon nanotube catalysts and DLC carbon nanotube catalysts

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