UNECS - Spectroscopic Ellipsometer From ULVAC

UNECS-3000A is an advanced, ultra-fast spectroscopic ellipsometer that uses snap shot measurement technique with automated mapping to measure optical and thickness parameters of thin films. The system can be utilized for a variety of applications, ranging from research and development to large-scale production. Users can utilize the instrument to obtain precise measurement results. The UNECS-3000A measures optical parameters and semitransparent or transparent thin film thicknesses on substrates equal to or less than f300 mm.

Key Features

The main features of the UNECS-3000A are:

  • Ultra-fast measurement
  • Automated mapping function
  • Multilayer measurement
  • Customized material tables allow users to edit and add material table files
  • Main measurement unit includes laptop PC and data analysis software.
  • Excellent cost-performance

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