Qulee - Residual Gas Analyzers - Series RGAs from ULVAC

ULVAC offers a new model of residual gas analyzer called Qulee. Incorporating the inputs of facility engineers working in various production lines, the new product design is simple and easy to use. It is suitable for different types of vacuum furnaces as well as for system control of vacuum evaporator.

Key Features

The main features of the Qulee residual gas analyzer are:

  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Integrated display eliminates the need for PC
  • High temperature bake (250°C)
  • Degas function
  • Total pressure measurement
  • Protection and maintenance features
  • A range of leak tests is available including air leak test, Helium leak test, leak up
  • Qulee QCS software is Included and compatible with Windows XP/7
  • Quick Install Package (QIP) system is Included
  • Conforms with CE standard
  • Ideal for RGA application


The applications of the Qulee residual gas analyzer are:

  • Various types of gas analysis for research and development
  • Residual gas analysis in PVD system and vacuum deposition
  • Residual gas analysis for freeze drying system
  • Residual gas analysis for high vacuum pumping equipment
  • Residual gas monitoring for FPD, PV, and semiconductor manufacturing systems

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