Heliot 900 Series Helium Leak Detectors from ULVAC

The Heliot 900 series manufactured by ULVAC has the world’s fastest pumping speed for helium. It uses a tablet type user-friendly operator interface which offers excellent flexibility in performance for any helium leak testing application.

This is the latest model and has a highly refined design. This 11th generation leak detector from ULVAC is highly advanced and user friendly. The different models available include the HELIOT901W1/D2 and HELIOT904W2/D3/D4.

Accessories include a sniffer unit, low height cart, controller storage box, oil mist trap, controller touch pen, carrying case, dial combination lock and alarm security wire set.

Key Features

The main features of the Heliot 900 series include:

  • Very quick pumping speed - 5L/sec by ULTRA flow, which reduces the time for the helium background to drop, especially in the case of checking for very small leaks
  • Eye-friendly display, visually intuitive operation with a simple and clear touch screen
  • Tablet type wireless 7” touch screen control panel with Android operating system for easy operation
  • Easy access maintenance panels which can be removed without using any tools
  • Internal configuration is designed for easy maintenance; the ion source, Pirani gauge, air filters, pump oil can be easily replaced
  • Five models are available depending on specific application need
  • High sensitivity - [5.0E -13 Pa m3/sec | 3.7E -12 Torr L/s | 5.0E-12 mbar L/s]; Sensitivity is improved when leak testing is performed with a differential pumping systems
  • Four test flow models -ULTRA, GROSS, FINE, and SNIFFER. These provide rapid leak testing at different inlet pressures
  • Maneuverable cart design that allows steering like a shopping cart
  • Five different backing pumps to choose from - W1 | 36 L/m oil rotary; W2 | 162 L/m oil rotary; D2 | 108 L/m dry scroll; D3 | 300 L/m dry scroll; D4 | 600 L/m dry scroll
  • Optional "Special Touch Pen" is also available


The main applications of the Heliot 900 series include:

  • Automotive industry – radiator, fuel tank, fuel cap, delivery pipe, evaporator, compressor, wheel, air bag inflator and EGR cooler
  • Food sector
  • Space development industry
  • AHR - AC indoor unit assembly, AC outdoor unit assembly, compressor, heat exchanger, pressure control valve and Cu pipe
  • Electronics / e.g., semiconductors, SAW device, quartz crystal, IC, relay, LED, Other
  • Vacuum equipment maintenance - sputtering system, CVD system, evaporating system, ashing system, etching system, ion plating system, vacuum freeze drier, vacuum furnace, vacuum roll coater, sterilization system, accelerator and carburizing
  • Components manufacturing - vacuum parts, valve, mass flow meter, welded parts, fire extinguisher, connector and soldered parts
  • Medical devices - endoscope, camera lens, plastic protective gloves, artificial dialysis package and hemofiltration filter
  • General industry
  • Packaging - medicine transfer security package, food packaging, medical instruments package and plastic bottle
  • Aerospace sector - space simulation chamber, fuel tank, posture control unit, gyro sensor
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Energy - power generator turbine, power generator reactor condenser, high voltage circuit breaker, heat exchanger, LNG tank, water pipe, gas pipe, rechargeable battery, fuel cell
  • R&D

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