Furnace for High-Pressure Gas Quenching with Fast Cooling

Speed is what separates companies in today’s market- the speed to bring products to the market faster and process more parts in less time.

Ipsen's TurboTreater® system continues to set the industry standard for quick cooling rates and high-pressure gas quenching. The system has advanced technology and numerous installations worldwide.

This vacuum heat-treating system will set customers apart from the crowd by offering ultimate reliability and performance. The TurboTreater® featuring internal quenching with pressures up to 20 bar, works well with heavy loads and offers optimal results for many processes – hardening via high-pressure quenching, brazing, sintering, tempering and annealing.

This multi-purpose vacuum furnace line is also available in graphite or all-metal insulated hot zone packages, as well as various standard load sizes in vertical or horizontal configurations. Users can get the system customized with a unique hot zone configuration/insulation package, pumping system, quench pressure and controls system.

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  • Attain unparalleled efficiency and speed
  • Reduce cycle times up to 20%, decrease gas consumption by up to 40% and enhance hardness with a patented, high-velocity internal gas quench system
  • Reduce required floor space through optimized design and small footprint

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