Multi-Purpose Vacuum Furnace

MetalMaster vacuum furnace system available from Ipsen is a versatile, multi-purpose system that comes in a wide range of configurations and sizes, including vertical and horizontal designs.

Users can select from a choice of gas cooling, hot zones and pumping system options, making MetalMaster suitable for nitriding, vacuum carburizing, brazing and other heat treating and thermal processing applications.

Custom engineered heat exchanger and turbine blower in the gas quench system are designed to improve gas flow to obtain more efficient cooling.

Besides the standard computer control systems, MetalMaster furnaces are also come with numerous options, such as material handling systems, increased pumping capability and specialized instrumentation.

Key Features

The main features of the MetalMaster are:

  • Custom engineered external heat exchanger and gas blower
  • 360° gas cooling nozzles and heating elements for accurate control
  • Wide range of hot zone insulation packages are available
  • Choice of value-added options

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