High-Performance Horizontal External Quench Vacuum Furnace

The VFS® Horizontal External Quench (HEQ) from Ipsen provides users with superior results. Its design is based upon years of tradition and has the single purpose of improving user experience. This furnace offers both ease of use and optimum performance.

The VFS® HEQ offers up to 2 bar absolute pressure and is designed with maintenance needs in mind. Its external gas quench system comprises of several components mounted in a single space-saving enclosure. These include a high-efficiency blower, drive motor and heat exchanger. Users can also count on simplified maintenance with easy access to components.

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  • Achieve excellent temperature control
  • Uniform 360° heating and cooling
  • Maximize cooling performance via external heat exchanger
  • Increase plant layout flexibility with separate heat exchanger
  • Perform routine maintenance with ease, including replacement of the standard quench motor

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