Replacement Parts for Furnaces – Made to OEM Specifications

Ipsen's complete stock inventories have over 2,000 vacuum furnace parts, guaranteeing that customers swiftly receive the necessary replacement parts and components required to maintain their heat-treating equipment.

Every one of Ipsen's furnace components and parts are built to their own OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications. The material, tolerance, size, finish and other details are identical to the part being replaced – unless, the company has made certain improvements.

Additional support includes:

  • Skilled customer service representatives
  • Operation and maintenance documentation
  • Extensive inventory available
  • Dependable delivery

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Hot Zones, Upgrades & Retrofits

Hot Zones

Ipsen, being the largest vacuum furnace hot zone manufacturer, offers a high-velocity, one-piece plenum design to help boost performance.

When it is time to retrofit or replace the hot zone, Ipsen can help. The company’s Aftermarket Specialists can offer an Ipsen hot zone package to precisely fit the application of the customer.

Furnace Rebuilds

Ipsen does furnace rebuilds on all models and makes, whether it is to keep a valuable investment from becoming outdated, or to increase productivity.

The furnace will provide enhanced performance, while users can enjoy the security of an Ipsen-standard and a one-year warranty on all parts that the company replaces.

Special Offers

Realizing and maintaining proper control and functionality of customer’s equipment is vital to attaining success in thermal processing.

Ipsen Aftermarket Department have special offers, so customers can continue to achieve peak performance with their furnace, as well as minimize downtime.


Improving the furnace's performance is easy when Ipsen's skilled Retrofit Specialists are there to assist users in determining their exact needs and to deliver the right solution swiftly.

Upgrades, retrofits and rebuild packages provide precise carbon sensing for better control, improved surface appearance, faster cycle times and much more.

Electrical and Software

Realizing and maintaining proper control and functionality of the equipment is key to achieving success in thermal processing.

Ipsen's engineers can help customers modify, adjust and upgrade their equipment and controls so as to attain peak performance with their furnace, as well as reduce downtime.

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Field Service

Ipsen's well-trained and skilled Field Service Engineers provide top-of-the-line support to their furnace installations globally.

Technical Support

For technical support, start-up or warranty issues, Ipsen's Technical Support Team will help customers find the solution that is required in order to get the furnace running as soon as possible and to minimize downtime.

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