Advanced Software for Heat Treatment Processes

Ipsen's CompuVac® Supervisory Control System is an ideal choice for users looking to purchase a new vacuum furnace, or for those who are considering an upgrade to present furnace controls. The CompuVac is currently the most powerful furnace control system on the market, and was developed by Ipsen to provide easy-to-use advanced controls.

The CompuVac is a completely new model built by experts specifically for vacuum thermal processing furnaces. It is more economical than most other supervisory systems currently available. The CompuVac eliminates process inconsistencies, minimizes the need for skilled manpower, enhances recipe creation and storage, improves repeatability, batch quality and profitability. In fact, CompuVac easily pays for itself in product yield and enhanced efficiency.

Despite its sophistication, the CompuVac is a very user-friendly system that can be retrofit to any brand of vacuum furnace to fulfill the automation of heat-treating operations from start to finish. CompuVac is written using Wonderware software and is standard on TurboTreater®, Ipsen MetalMaster® and VFS® furnaces, as well as all custom furnaces.

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CompuVac's standard features include:

  • 17" VGA color, flat panel, touch screen monitor
  • 12 display screens for programming, running and real-time monitoring
  • In-built touch-screen interface for minute-by-minute monitoring of the workload
  • Alarm condition display
  • Extensive recipe creation, modification and storage
  • Batch reports, QC audits, and record archiving
  • Automatic data collection to hard drive
  • Multiple security levels and user names can be provided
  • Hard drive and CD-ROM drive


  • 19" VGA color, flat panel, touch-screen monitor (in place of the 17" monitor)
  • Remote supervisory control of a number of furnaces from a single location, for better control over production and processes
  • Customized reports can be reviewed online, printed, stored or off-loaded to PC for easy data acquisition and sharing
  • Chart recorder is available for real-time cycle record


Ipsen's VacuProf® control software system is programmed for the computation and execution of heat treatment processes in a variety of Ipsen furnaces, including the revolutionary TITAN®. This universal platform offers many languages and units of measure. Its modular structure allows users to customize the software and hardware before delivery and according to application.

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The VacuProf is a Windows-based platform that offers the user with an advanced interface and allows operation via the mouse, keyboard and touch screen. This state-of-the-art technology provides a number of benefits to its users:

  • Extensive data collection and the ability to download or print reports
  • Easy-to-use interface with color menus and consistent user prompts
  • Integrated online manual, parts list and historical records
  • Sophisticated alarm package that monitors the furnace and suggests preventative maintenance
  • Repeatable results with optimization of processes and programmable recipes
  • Remote diagnostics and monitoring of the cycle
  • Based on user’s heat-treating requirements, VacuProf Expert and AvaC simulation and automation software options are also available

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