Versatile Batch Furnace with Easy Operation

The ATLAS atmosphere line from Ipsen delivers versatility and precision through ease of integration, advanced controls and intelligent interfaces. Additionally, the use of innovative technologies, such as TurboQuench™, Recon® III Burners and Carb-o-Prof® provides easy to operate, efficient and intuitive equipment. The ATLAS line, available in both double and single chain models, provides full-scale solutions for all heat-treating requirements.

ATLAS At-A-Glance

  • Variable speed quench agitation, enabling users to achieve and maintain improved quenching control
  • Ability to incorporate into existing atmosphere furnace lines (any brand)*
  • Efficient combustion system, which provides cost and energy savings
  • Intelligent controls with predictive process capabilities – Carb-o-Prof
  • Uniform quenching, resulting in high part quality and minimized distortion
  • Ease of maintenance, thanks to a cartridge-design heat fan assembly, safety catwalks, shelf-mounted quench oil heaters, oil circulation pump and more
  • Compact footprint

ATLAS Features

System Integration

Ipsen's components are configured for maximum compatibility for both the double and single chain ATLAS models.

Additionally, the same push-pull chain loader is used as the industry standard by the ATLAS single-chain model, allowing it to incorporate into existing lines for any brand of atmosphere furnace with ease.*

Energy Efficiency

Ipsen's Recon® III Burners utilize the heat from the exhaust gases to preheat the combustion air, thus increasing thermal efficiency up to 75%. These burners are paired with single-ended radiant tubes (SERT) that are fitted with special ceramic inner tubes and set apart by their easy installation, low maintenance, high durability and low noise levels. This enables the burner to provide adequate heating while also achieving maximum energy efficiency and optimizing gas consumption.

Exceptional Performance

Ipsen's oil-quenching systems consistently achieve uniform surface and core hardening, improve the properties of steel and reduce distortion. These systems feature a variable-speed agitation system capable of producing an adjustable and uniform flow of oil throughout the load. This variable-speed agitation system also allows the oil flow to be altered based on load density, material and section size. They are also capable of tackling even the most challenging alloys by reducing the hardness spread and increasing the overall throughput.


Carb-o-Prof software combines more than six decades of expertise and knowledge in a single controls system. Carb-o-Prof delivers a time and cost saving simulator with C-Profile optimization, an extensive recipe database and adaptive control, that ensures users get the best part quality every time.

Quality Insulation

The ATLAS furnace uses extremely resilient ceramic fiber and rigid firebricks, that are capable of withstanding temperatures well above the working temperature.


Maximum Load Dimensions: W x L x H 24" x 36" x 30"
610 mm x 915 mm x 760 mm
36" x 48" x 38"
915 mm x 1,220 mm x 965 mm
36" x 48" x 38"
915 mm x 1,220 mm x 965 mm
Maximum Load Weight Capacity: 1,100 lbs.
500 kg
3,750 lbs
1,700 kg
3,500 lbs.
1,600 kg
Operating Temperature: 1,380 °F – 1,800 °F
750 °C – 985 °C
1,380 °F – 1,800 °F
750 °C – 985 °C
1,380 °F – 1,800 °F
750 °C – 985 °C
Quench Oil Capacity: 1,030 gal.
3,900 L
2,400 gal.
9,085 L
3,500 gal.
13,250 L
Load Chain Configuration: Double Double Single


ATLAS Ancillary Equipment

Ipsen offers the entire heat-treating system, besides providing the ATLAS furnace. This complete atmosphere system provides users with a high level of flexibility as they can perform a wide range of thermal processes in each integral quench furnace, and also expand the system for larger production requirements and future increases in demand. Available ancillary equipment includes:

  • Washer
  • Temper
  • Loader/Unloader Car
  • Endo Generator
  • Load/Storage Tables


Ipsen's electrically heated, single-chamber washer delivers thoroughly dried loads and allows for efficient cleaning of the parts through immersion and spray washing. The washer also features automatic operation interlocked with a washing cycle timer, as well as side and top mounted, adjustable-direction, full-cone spray nozzles. Other key features include:

  • Front loading/unloading, pneumatically actuated load door is manually operated
  • Educators for enhanced oil removal and reduced heat stratification in the tank
  • High bath temperature for enhanced cleaning


Ipsen's front loading/unloading temper furnaces provide a temperature uniformity of ±10 °F (±5 °C) and a typical temperature operating range of 300 °F to 1,250 °F (150 °C to 680 °C). An internal alloy steel baffle system maintains this optimum temperature uniformity and also directs heated air throughout the workload. Additional features include:

  • Pneumatically actuated, vertical-lift front door
  • Electrically heated and gas-fired versions offered
  • Center-mounted chain guide that interfaces with the single-chain push/pull head of an external loader

Loader/Unloader Car

The loader/unloader car for the ATLAS furnace allows loading of parts into, and removal of parts from, the different heat-treating system components in a safe and smooth manner. Key features include:

  • Designed for semi-automatic or manual operation
  • Allows loading and unloading on both sides of the aisle
  • Electrically powered
  • Incorporates a heavy-duty frame with structural steel channels and angles for a rigid structure

Endo Generator

Ipsen's Endo Generators are available with a modular design and come in different sizes (G750-G4000) in order to meet the unique requirements of customers. These generators can be used in an effortless manner as programs are preinstalled for regeneration of the retort (conditioning cycle), starting and cooling down. They can also be gas fired or electrically heated, and can be equipped with either highly efficient water-cooled or air-cooled heat exchangers. In addition, it is possible to adjust the amount of endothermic gas in order to efficiently meet the requirements of the heat-treating line.

Load/Storage Tables

Ipsen's load/storage tables for the ATLAS furnace are available with non-powered rollers and chain guide for the load car's handling mechanism. This allows for the effortless introduction and removal of loads into and out of the system, as well as for the efficient storage of hard and soft loads.

*Compatible with most single-chain, in-out-style atmosphere furnace lines

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