Atmosphere Batch-Type Furnaces

Ipsen has developed controlled atmosphere batch-type furnaces that are made of standardized subassemblies.

These furnace systems have a modular design for quick installation and startup time. The refractory lining inside the furnace uses insulating fibers and rigid firebricks that are extremely resilient and capable of withstanding temperatures well above the working temperature.

In addition, the furnace casing includes a heavy steel-plate structure. Ipsen also has an optional ceramic muffle made of silicon-carbide to increase temperature uniformity throughout the load, as well as improve the performance of all heat-treating processes.

Key Features

The main features of Ipsen's atmosphere batch furnaces are:

  • Modular design for quick installation and startup time
  • Increased temperature uniformity throughout the load
  • Optimal recirculation of the furnace atmosphere throughout the heating chamber
  • High oil-quenching performance via SuperQuench®, which reduces distortion, improves steel properties and achieves uniform hardening
  • Improved door systems with tighter atmosphere seals
  • Recon® Burners that increase thermal efficiency by up to 75%
  • Double-walled oil bath with a leakage sensor (available in some models)
  • Air-cooled plug-type fans for low maintenance
  • Compact oil-cooling systems
  • Reduced footprint
  • Optional ceramic muffle shields the load from direct heat

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