Orton DIL 2010 B Dilatometer

Orton dilatometers are designed to measure the dimensional changes of ceramics, glasses, metals, carbon composites, cermets, minerals, and polymers as a function of temperature. The dilatometer records reversible and irreversible changes in length (expansion and shrinkage) during heating and cooling. Samples are measured for determining firing ranges and firing schedules, measuring thermal expansion ranges for glaze fits, and measuring thermal expansion ranges for R&D, QC or product certification. Orton standard dilatometers are used for ASTM E-228, C-372, and other testing procedures to measure the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), softening point, glass transition temperature, curie point, crystalline transformation, phase transition, shrinkage, warping, bloating, sintering rate, isothermal creep, stress relaxation.

The standard Orton dilatometer is a digital, horizontal, single sample, compact, benchtop system comprised of a furnace (for a variety of temperature ranges, including sub-ambient); a sample holder system (fused quartz or high alumina); a control/sample thermocouple; a sample displacement measuring system (probe rod and LVDT sensor); a user-adjustable counterweighted pulley system to provide a constant and uniform contact load on the test sample; the Orton control board for furnace control and data acquisition; and the Orton dilatometer software.

All Orton standard systems are factory calibrated against a 1" rod of high purity, platinum, thermal expansion standard. The standard systems require 120-VAC, 15-amp, or 240-VAC 20-amp, 50/60 hertz power. Standard options include controlled atmosphere/vacuum components, over-temperature protection, and exchangeable furnaces for rapid sample turnaround.

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