Gradient Furnace GTF-MD-16 from Orton Ceramic Foundation

Orton offers GTF-MD-16 and GTF-MD-16L furnaces, which are horizontal tube furnaces with controlled, reproducible, linear thermal gradients of about 120°C across a 12" long monitored zone and 160°C across a 6" long monitored zone, respectively.

Type “S” thermocouples located on 2" centers check the temperatures along the gradient zone, so that the material’s temperature at any position along the D-tube hearth can be measured. They extend vertically via the top of the heating chamber tube. Post firing or visual analyses of sections obtained from the fired material along the D-tube hearth can be calculated, recorded, and examined as a function of temperature.

The Model GTF-MD-16 furnace has a metal shell structure that includes refractory fiber insulation as well as four molybdenum disilicide heating elements enclosing one end of the 2 7/8” ID ceramic heating chamber tube. Users can place the samples to be fired on top of the alumina D-tube hearth resting on the underneath the ceramic heating chamber tube.

Key Features

The main features of the GTF-MD-16 furnace are:

  • Type “S” thermocouples
  • Temperature Display Cabinet includes a digital panel display, rotary selector switch, and electrical receptacles
  • Two specially shaped IFB end plugs

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