Rotating Spindle Viscometer Model RSV-1600 from Orton Ceramic Foundation

Model RSV-1600 viscometer available from Orton is a rotating spindle viscometer which uses the constant angular velocity technique to determine the viscosities of a molten glass at different temperatures. The system can be used for testing according to the ASTM C-965 Procedure A and ASTM C-1276 and ISO 7884/2 guidelines. The viscometer can be improved to conduct viscosity measurements during a programmed cooling or heating cycle.

Key Features

The main features of the RSV-1600 rotating spindle viscometer are:

  • Platinum crucibles and spindles
  • Computer software options
  • Can be configured to carry out viscosity measurements during programmed heating or cooling cycle
  • Complies with ASTM C-965, ASTM C-1276 and ISO 7884/2 guidelines


The specifications of the RSV-1600 rotating spindle viscometer are:

Sample crucible System made to suit purchaser’s crucible size (supplied by Purchaser)
Maximum temperature 1600°C
Temperature control system Honeywell PID controller
Viscometer spindle Design to suit the crucible
Rotational viscometer Brookfield Series – choice of log viscosity ranges:
Heating element Molybdenum disilicide
Power Requirements 240 V AC, 20 amp, 50/60 Hz (step down transformer included)


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