Sub-Nanosecond Pulsed LEDs for Spectroscopy Applications

Edinburgh Instruments has introduced a new series of sub-nanosecond pulsed LED light sources that serve as suitable excitation sources for a variety of spectroscopy applications, including fluorescence lifetime measurements. The EPLED series bridges the gap between the mode locked titanium sapphire femtosecond lasers and nanosecond flashlamp lasers in Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC).

The stand-alone modules have proprietary beam conditioning optics and come in standard wavelengths from 250 to 380 nm. They are sturdy, easy to use and maintenance-free. For an optimum pulse width, the EPLEDs are pre-adjusted and due care has been taken to reduce a long tail in the temporal profile. The output has a pulse width of below 950ps.

Key Features

The main features of the EPLED Series are:

  • Fully integrated and compact design
  • Optimized for TCSPC
  • Optimized Collimated Beam
  • External trigger facility
  • Spectrally purified output
  • 9 pre-set repetition frequencies from 20 KHz to 10 MHz
  • Very low RF radiation.

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