Pentapyc 5200e – Automatic Gas Pycnometer for Density Measurements

The Pentapyc 5200e from Anton Paar is the ultimate multi-sample gas pycnometer for determining the volume and true density of catalysts, powders, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, building materials, carbons, rock core plugs, etc.

Key Features

The key features of the Pentapyc 5200e are:

  • The Pentapyc 5200e gas pycnometer allows the loading and simultaneous purging of up to five samples.
  • Automatic analysis in a sequence is done without any operator involvement for each of the five samples.
  • Balance (RS232), PC (ethernet), and printer (USB) connections are standard.
  • A second USB port permits archiving of results to flash (thumb) drive.
  • For laboratories with fewer density analysis needs, the single sample station Ultrapyc 1200e gas pycnometer offers the same ease of operation and high performance as the Pentapyc, with the additional option of vacuum purge (vacuum pump not included).
  • Both the Ultrapyc and Pentapyc are available in "-T" versions to be used with an external thermoelectric temperature controller.


The specifications are provided in the table below:

Sample Cell Sizes (approximate dimensions) Nominal Volume Internal Diameter Internal Depth
Standard sample cells 135 cm3
50 cm3
10 cm3
49 mm
40 mm
24 mm
75 mm
39 mm
23 mm
Optional microcell 4.25 cm3 15 mm 24 mm
Optional meso cell 1.75 cm3 13 mm 13 mm
Optional nano cell 0.25 cm3 8 mm 6.5 mm


This product is a former Quantachrome product. On February 9, 2018, Anton Paar acquired Quantachrome. Under the umbrella of the Anton Paar Group, the company will continue operations in Boynton Beach. Quantachrome is the first manufacturing facility in North America run by Anton Paar and will also function as a US-based unit for research, development, and production within the Anton Paar Group.

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