Rotary Micro Riffler for Representative Sampling

The Rotary Micro Riffler from Quantachrome divides easily and automatically large samples into eight smaller representative samples for analysis. It is possible to obtain the final desired size by repetitive division of the collected smaller representative samples.

The rotary micro riffler includes two key components, an amplitude variable circular vibrating bowl that controls the delivery rate of the initial sample powder and the sample collector which is a rotating disc eight test tubes. The test tube size may be changed to accommodate the initial sample size. In order to accommodate a range of materials the rotary micro riffler has two control sets one for the delivery rate and another for the collectors rotation rate. By changing two controls, precise divisions of any powder may be achieved irrespective of particle size or density.

Key Features

The key features of the Rotary Micro Riffler are:

  • For sample division, up to 120 cm3 of the sample is loaded into the Rotary Micro Riffler's vibrator bowl. In case more than 120 cm3 must be divided, then more fillings after each complete delivery may be made until the total initial sample has been divided.
  • The vibrator bowl will feed the collector automatically to provide eight representative powder samples in the test tubes rotating in front of the vibrator.
  • After delivering all the material into the test tubes it is possible to obtain additional reduction in sample size by emptying the contents of one or more of the test tubes into the vibrator and repeating the procedure until the desired sample size is achieved.

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