WALLIS - Zeta Potential Analyzer for Sample Preparation

Cordouan Technologies offers WALLIS, an advanced zeta potential analyzer for high-resolution zeta potential analysis. The measurement of Zeta potential is directly associated with particle charge environment.

It is extensively utilized for particle functionalization, chemical synthesis, etc. High resolution allows high quality measurement for accurate measurement of IEP; precise functionalization of colloid; advanced particles stability analysis; and repeatability of particles synthesis.

The dip cell design of WALLIS enables easy sample preparation and inhibits bubble formation. The dip cell complies with standard cuvette and comes in different types of materials, such as quartz, glass, or polystyrene which is fully compatible with organic solvent.

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Key Features

  • High precision and repeatability
  • Useful for formulation work
  • Exact value of zeta potential to predict and control dispersion stability
  • Innovative micro-electrophoresis cells concept to prevent electro-osmosis effect
  • Electrode for zeta potential cell made from vitreous carbon material, which is durable, easy to clean and resistant to high salt samples
Potentiel Zeta WALLIS

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