N8 HORIZON - Compact Small Angle X-ray Scattering System from Bruker

The N8 HORIZON from Bruker features a compact and innovative vertical instrument design and consequently offers benefits over traditional horizontal SAXS systems, including easy sample handling, convenience, small footprint and low ownership cost.

The N8 HORIZON is an excellent tool for both advanced research as well as for multi-user facilities investigating a range of nanomaterials, from solid bulks and fibers, to surfaces and biological samples.

Key Features

The key features of the N8 HORIZON are:

  • IµSTM micro-focus X-ray source improves X-ray intensity at the sample
  • Even the weakest SAXS signals are detected by the 2-dimensional VÅNTEC-500TM detector
  • A new revolutionary new SCATEXTM scatter-free pinholes sets new benchmarks in terms of X-ray beam quality
  • A wide variety of requirements of a multi-user facility are addressed by the N8 HORIZON.
  • Sophisticated features, such as intelligent screen-keys for intuitive operation, ergonomic sample loading, a small footprint, and an integrated camera for quick and easy sample positioning helps in making the instrument easy to use
  • Low cost of ownership is ensured due to low power consumption, no water cooling and no additional requirements.

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