Top-load Tester 5 kN Model by Mecmesin

The 5kN top-load testing model offers an economic solution for top-load testing on a variety samples. The versatile TLT 5 kN model ensures that containers can withstand the forces encountered during manufacture and distribution, offering superior accuracy with repeatability and reliability of results.

Key Features

  • Touch Screen tablet PC - easy programming for use on the production floor & minimal operator training required.
  • Suitable for containers up to 7.5” (190 mm) diameter. Bespoke solutions for larger containers can be provided, including crosshead extensions and larger base plates.
  • Samples of any shape can be tested including PET, HDPE, metal and cardboard containers.
  • Defined platen positioning for ease of sample removal and placement.
  • 5 customisable favourites for speedy access to testing.
  • Free Height of container can be calculated automatically saving extra steps and time.
  • Calculations such as ‘Free Height’, ‘Peak Load’ and ‘Collapse Force’ can be color coded for pass/fail.
  • Automatic export of defined results minimises key strokes by operator.
  • Designed for repetitive testing on a production floor with ease of use and minimal.

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