Optical Emission Spectrometer – ARL iSpark from Thermo Scientific

The ARL iSpark Series is a high performance, OES spectrometer platform based on superior photomultiplier tube optics.

Key Features

The key features of the ARL iSpark optical emission spectrometer are:

  • Unique PMT optics.
  • Revolutionary digital spark generator.
  • Most advanced analysis of micro-inclusions.
  • Smart argon management with argon saving modes.
  • Innovative spark stand design.
  • Sophisticated acquisition technologies and processing algorithms.
  • Single spark acquisition with diffuse spark intensity removal algorithm to improve accuracy on PMTs.
ARL iSpark

ARL iSpark from AZoNetwork on Vimeo.


The ARL iSpark was designed for increased safety, convenience and ease of use in daily operations. The main advantages are:

  • The stand cover enables simple operation with maximal operator security.
  • A hydraulic cylinder makes the opening easy and acts as a braking system that allows a smooth and unassisted closing
  • Samples that need to be analyzed can be placed on the worktop located next to the stand
  • The setting-up samples and other accessories can be placed in the storage compartment
  • Front access to all modules of the instrument (e.g. vacuum)
ARL iSpark Series Analysis and Maintenance for OES | Thermo Scientific

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