Si-PIN X-Ray Detectors for ED-XRF from Moxtek

Si-PIN x-ray detectors available from Moxtek are suitable for hand-held and benchtop energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) instrumentation. These XPIN detectors are designed to deliver the highest count rate, resolution, peak-to-background, and energy absorption.

The XPIN detector has an ultra-low-noise JFET, a 625µm thick Si-PIN diode, preamplifier, and multilayer collimator. It uses DuraBeryllium windows coated with DuraCoat, which is resistant to corrosion and suitable for aggressive environments. In addition, the detector is internally cooled with the help of a two-stage thermoelectric cooler. It is available with a 6mm2 or 13mm2 active areas.

The compact size of the XPIN detector enables excellent design flexibility. and active areas. All Moxtek detectors are fastened in vacuum enabling cool detector temperatures.

Key Features

The main features of the Si-PIN x-ray detectors are:

  • Stable resolution
  • Compact design
  • Low cost
  • Low calibration maintenance
  • Si-PIN diode
  • Multilayer collimator
  • Wide, ambient temperature range
  • No liquid nitrogen, fast cooling
  • Two-stage thermoelectric cooler
  • Minimal stray peaks
  • Close coupling of detector/source
  • Lt-element identification
  • Corrosion resistant

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