Sealed Proportional Counter Windows from Moxtek

Moxtek Sealed Proportional Counter Windows offer excellent energy resolution and high efficiency while operating under extreme conditions. They contain a charge dissipative aluminum coating, a resistive DuraCoat, a thin layer of Moxtek polymer, and a strong support structure composed of silicon. This structure makes the windows resistant to acids, solvents, and bases.

Proportional Counter Windows enable high transmission of low-energy x-rays and are suitable for sealed proportional counter applications that need analysis of light elements, such as process control, X-ray spectrometry and diffraction, environmental, and RoHS/WEEE. The windows have withstood more than 100,000 cycles at that same differential pressure without compromising on performance.

Key Features

The main features of the Sealed Proportional Counter Windows are:

  • High transmission of low energy X-rays
  • High purity
  • Ultra-thin polymer film
  • Uniform thickness
  • Silicon support structure
  • Aluminum coating
  • Corrosion resistant, hermetic seal
  • UV, IR, and Visible light rejection
  • Minimal spectral contamination
  • Durable and high mechanical strength
  • Charge dissipation
  • Consistent transmission across entire window

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