Quality Control and R&D Viscometer for Efficient Analysis – The Smart Series from Fungilab

The Smart Series from Fungilab is used for efficient analysis. The data displayed include selected speed, selected spindle, viscosity readings, percentage of full scale range, sample temperature, shear stress, shear rate and density.

Other features include a target torque pre-setting device and a target time pre-setting device.

Key Features

The key features are:

  • It has latest keyboarding technology, is comfortable and easy to handle.
  • The program features are time to torque and time to stop.
  • Graphic display offers a huge range of graphical options
  • It has 10 working memories
  • The unit has to be set up and made ready to be used daily choosing the memory needed
  • The USB interface ensures faster transfer data to the computer

What benefits does the Smart Series offer in quality Control and R&D laboratories?

The Smart series rotational viscometer is a basic, simple-to-use instrument well suited for Quality Control and Research & Development, as well as in the petrochemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, inks, and solvents industries.

Giovanni Capella, Product Manager at Fungilab

Does the system offer any customization?

It comes equipped with a touchpad and large data display area, including a temperature probe and datalogger software. The instrument can also be used with the Optional Data Boss Software which allows the user to control temperature and record data for further analysis. The Smart model can be used with Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids and is compatible with our accessories to accommodate special applications.

Giovanni Capella, Product Manager at Fungilab

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