Miniature Thermal Pneumatic Press - LTP-350 MicroPress

The LTP-350 MicroPress is a miniature thermal pneumatic press developed for curing of SMC, BMC, epoxies, polyesters, polystyrenes, polyurethanes, silicones, laminates and other polymeric materials. The MicroPress provides a compact, easily operated platform to reproduce the time-temperature-pressure processing profiles of most polymers, the LTP-350 MicroPress has independent temperature control of both upper and lower platens and can operate in either isothermal or ramp-and-hold modes. The heating temperature range is ambient to 350°C (660°F), and maximum applied force is 2000 pounds (909 kg).

Key Features

The key features of the LTP-350 are:

  • The LTP-350 MicroPress can be controlled manually or with the Lambient Technologies CureView software.
  • When used with any of the Lambient Technologies dielectric sensors, the LTP-350.
  • MicroPress becomes a complete testing station for dielectric cure studies.
  • Ambient cooling or optional cooling plate with circulating water.
  • Independent isothermal temperature mode for each platen.
  • Ramp and hold mode.
  • Temperature controller detachable for convenient servicing.

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