The Concavus pan available from NETZSCH has a slight concave bottom geometry that produces an accurately defined contact surface between the pan bottom, sample and sensor, thus improving the reproducibility of the measurement results.

The pan’s patent-pending design enhances the reproducibility of all DSC measurements and hence can be utilized with other heat-flux DSCs available on the market, such as the DSC 204 F1 Phoenix and DSC 200 F3 Maia.

The Concavus pan is available with a compact 3in1 Box that provides complete protection during storage and transport. The box contains 96 lids or crucibles in an anti-static plastic box, which allows individual lids and pans to be easily removed from the box. It also includes an exclusive archiving system for the pans after measurement.

In the past, preparing sample pans for DSC measurements was rather difficult. The plastic packaging containing the Al pans would stick to one another and often makes it difficult to separate.

This static charge can promote a favorable environment for contamination of the pan. Moreover, if the packaging lid had been closed inappropriately, the lids and crucibles may become deformed, thus making them useless.

Key Features

The main features of the Concavus Pan 3in1 Box are:

  • Concave bottom geometry of the pan produces accurately defined contact surface between sample and pan bottom
  • Patent-pending design enhances the reproducibility of all DSC measurements
  • Compact 3in1 Box - an easy-to-handle storage unit for lids and pans
  • Sample Identification Card in the 3in1 Box allows for documentation of samples and measurement results
  • Compatible with other heat-flux DSCs

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