Photon Control's Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement Systems

Photon Control offers a range of highly accurate temperature system converters, that can be paired with immersion, contact, or life science probes for specific application requirements. A probe and a converter must be selected and each system comes with downloadable analyzing software.

Key Models

The different sensors are detailed below:

  • The FluoTemp GT-HT-ST temperature converter provides highly accurate measurements ranging from -80°C to +450°C with accuracy of +/-0.05°C. It is well suited for high EMI applications in wide range of industries such as semiconductor, power and life sciences where precision and accuracy are critical.
  • The Fluotemp ST-GT temperature converter yields a wide measurement range of -80°C to +350°C with accuracy of +/-0.05°C. Its robust and easy-to-use interface suits a large variety of applications.
  • The PowerTemp series includes a compact multi-channel temperature transmitter and compact single-channel temperature transmitter. These two products offer accurate and consistent temperature measurement of critical components that can assist in maximizing the life expectancy and preventing failures to transformers, generators, switchgears, high voltage connectors and other components.
  • Photon Control offers general purpose probes designed for gas, solid and liquid temperature measurements.
  • Fast response probes have been designed for surface measurements and applications with large temperature gradients between the surface and the environment.
  • High accuracy probes have been designed with small form factor for small temperature range for life science applications.

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