Photon Control's Spectroradiometer System

Photon Control’s Spectroradiometer System was designed specifically for LED testing featuring high accuracy and performance. This spectroradiometer system is not only used for spectrophotometric measurements of emission sources of LEDs, but can be used for lamps and other illuminants. On applying the radiometric calibration to the SpecSoft software, it calculates and displays the radiometric spectrum and radiant flux. SpecSoft offers an interface for acquiring a reflectance reference and a dark reference. Photon Control’s Spectroradiometer is a complete measurement system that includes SpecSoft display and analysis software, USB cable, user manual and external power adapter.

Key Features

The key features of the spectroradiometer system are:

  • Spectral range from 220 to 1050nm
  • Spectral resolution up to 1.3/1.4nm (center/outer spectral range, 100μm slit)
  • Cylindrical lens for high sensitivity
  • Radiometric spectrum and radiant flux accuracy is 10%
  • Emission colorimetric measurements calculated from radiometric spectrum include xyY, dominate wavelengths in L*a*b*


The applications of the spectroradiometer system are:

  • LED testing and analysis
  • Agriculture lab testing
  • UV curing system testing
  • Quality control lab testing
  • Food processing
  • Chemistry and environmental lab testing
  • Optical component inspection

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