MicroClimate® Compact Environmental Chambers from Cincinnati Sub-Zero Industrial

The MicroClimate® 3 is a compact environmental chamber developed for simulating a complete range of humidity and/or temperature conditions. Humidity and temperature testing combined with a small footprint make the MicroClimate chamber the best choice for testing small products and components. Whether there is a need to perform temperature cycling tests or expose the product to steady state temperature environments, these chambers will maintain precise and accurate temperature/humidity control throughout the test.

Key Features

The key features of the MicroClimate compact environmental chambers are:

  • EZT-430i touch screen controller
  • Ethernet & RS-232 computer interface
  • 3" access port
  • Demineralizer filter
  • Electronic humidity sensor

Key Benefits

The advantages of the MicroClimate are:

  • Compact size saves floor space
  • Easy Installation
  • Basic to accelerated testing in a small chamber

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