Fibercraft™ and Duracraft™ Vertical Diffusion Heating Elements from Thermcraft

Thermcraft offers Fibercraft and Duracraft vertical diffusion heating elements that are available either as completely new units or can be redesigned to suit customers’ existing unit. Both heater designs can be integrated into new or existing units.

Thermcraft also develops new heater coils that can be installed into existing failed units, or customers can ship their existing failed unit to the company which will handle the entire remanufacturing process and deliver it back ready to use.

Key Features

The main features of the Fibercraft and Duracraft are:

  • Stainless steel inner liner, aluminum outer shell with water jacket cooling
  • Lightweight ceramic fiber insulation
  • Cost-effective rebuild option
  • Heater designs can be integrated into new or existing units
  • Exact replacements available for all OEM models

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