Versatile Single Zone Tube Furnaces - Marshall™ Furnaces from Thermcraft

Marshall tube furnaces available from Thermcraft are a reliable range of furnaces specifically designed to meet customers’ needs. The furnaces can be operated either vertically or horizontally, but horizontal operation improves uniformity due to their stable, extended, flat temperature zones.

All single-zone Marshall tubular furnaces are equipped with shunt taps that enable a range of variable, flat, or stepped temperature adjustments. Cooling coils can be included to additionally adjust and control the temperature profile. Standard furnaces come in lengths ranging from 12" to 36" in 4" increments, and bore diameters ranging from 1½" to 7" I.D.

Key Features

The main features of the Marshall furnaces are:

  • Rugged design
  • Versatile
  • Flat temperature zones within ±1°C can be obtained
  • Operating temperatures from 1100°C to 1700°C
  • Operates in a vertical or horizontal position
  • Full-length temperature monitoring
  • High purity ceramic muffles
  • No exposed electrical terminals
  • Cooler shell temperatures
  • Brackets and stands available to accommodate most installation needs
  • Furnaces can be restored to almost new condition
  • Includes new heating element, insulation, and electrical connections

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