Thermcraft Control Systems fThermcraft Control Systems for Furnaces, Ovens, and Atmospheric Systems

Thermcraft offers control systems for all types of oven, furnace, and atmosphere control applications. These systems provide a number of options such as programmable temperature controllers, LED digital displays, SCR power control modules, alarms, over-temperature controllers, timers and chart recorders. Control systems are combined, inter-wired and ready for use when delivered.

From the basic single zone system to the complex, multi-zone, PC or PLC based control system, Thermcraft offers the right solution to suit individual application needs. For instance, a PLC-based control system is utilized to control a furnace and automatic product manipulator, while a four zone control system features high limit switches and expansion slots for up to four more zones.

Key Features

The main features of the control systems are:

  • Programmable temperature controllers
  • LED digital displays
  • SCR power control modules
  • Alarms
  • Over-temperature controllers
  • Timers and chart recorders
  • Fused, inter-wired and ready for use when shipped
  • Suitable for oven, furnace, and atmosphere control applications
  • Yokogawa UP350, UP550, and UT350 control modules are used in controls systems; specific control module available on request

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