Furnace and Oven Control Systems - Single-Zone or Three-Zone Programmable Controllers - eXPRESS-LINE from Thermcraft

Thermcraft offers eXPRESS-LINE control systems that are available with optional timers, programmable controllers, and high limit switches. They feature an integrated circuit breaker and a table top control cabinet. The systems are available in single or three-zone configurations in either 115V or 230V and range between 20 and 60A.

All eXPRESS-LINE control systems are delivered within 10 working days from the date of order placement.

Key Features

The main features of the eXPRESS-LINE control systems are:

  • Single set point controller
  • Built-in circuit breaker
  • Table top control cabinet
  • Exterior dimensions 14”W x 14”D x 6”H (for single zone configurations); 20”W x 16”D x 9.5”H (for three-zone configurations)
  • TUV approved
  • Available options include timers, high limit switches, and programmable controllers

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