High Temperature Ceramic Cast Plate Electric Heaters from Thermcraft

Thermcraft offers cast plate heaters (PH-C) without side flanges. These heaters have a maximum operating temperature of 1204°C (2200°F) and are available in almost any size. The ID grooves enable larger gage wire, and thus provide higher watts per square inch of heater surface when compared to most traditional plate heaters. The PH-C range includes a number of options such as braided leads, thermocouple holes, site ports, etc. Both standard and customized sizes are available.

Thermcraft also offers flat plate heaters (FPH-C) with side flanges. These heaters are same as the PH-C series, but include flanges on each side. The flanges enable the heaters to be designed into "L" shaped boxes and other different configurations.

Key Features

The main features of the cast plate electric heaters are:

  • High temperature electric heaters
  • Available options include thermocouple holes, braided leads, site ports etc (PH-C model)
  • Flanges allow heaters to be designed into various configurations (FPH-C model)
  • Available with or without side flanges
  • Both standard and customized sizes available

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