Compact Bridgman Crystal Growing Furnace Systems from Thermcraft

Thermcraft supplies vertical and horizontal Bridgman crystal growing furnace systems. The vertical furnace system is fully self-contained in a compact arrangement. Geared stepper motor controls furnace translation for unlimited speed control. The process tube is supported by furnace base, which also enables tube rotation.

The horizontal Bridgman crystal growing furnace system is built with geared stepper motors for unlimited control of furnace movement. This furnace has a multiple zone with quadrant control in the spike zone. The furnace assembly is covered by top safety enclosure.

These units are available with several options such as standard controls, view ports, pneumatic openers, PLC controls, etc. The furnaces are suitable for various manufacturing requirements, and each system has been designed to meet customers’ requirements.

In addition to standard designs, Thermcraft also develops furnaces that are custom made to suit specific application needs. Thermcrafts’ experts work with customers through the entire process of furnace configuration.

Key Features

The main features of the Bridgman crystal growing furnace systems are:

  • Compact and fully self-contained
  • Geared stepper motors allow for unlimited speed control
  • Furnace assembly covered by top safety enclosure
  • Options include standard controls, PLC controls, view ports, pneumatic openers, etc.
  • Suitable for various manufacturing needs
  • Custom made furnaces available

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