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Image Capture of Rapid Events - Lm085 Mini Form Factor Camera

Lumenera’s Lm085 enclosed mini form factor camera series is designed for use in a wide variety of applications, particularly those requiring image capture of objects in high-speed motion.

With 752x480 resolution and on-board processing these cameras deliver outstanding image quality and value for industrial and scientific imaging applications. An electronic global shutter provides capabilities similar to a mechanical shutter, allowing simultaneous integration of the entire pixel array, and then stopping exposure while image data is read out.

Uncompressed images in live streaming video and still image capture are provided across a USB 2.0 digital interface. Advanced camera control is available through a complete SDK, with a sample code available to quickly integrate camera functions.

The hardware and software based synchronization trigger is provided as a standard. Both color and monochrome product models are available, as well as board level and custom form factors.


  • Color or monochrome, progressive scan, VGA sensor
  • 60 fps at full 752x480 resolution, faster with ROI
  • Global shutter for capturing fast moving objects
  • 3 software configurable bidirectional I/O ports and 2 optically isolated ports (1in/1out)
  • Select 8 or 10-bit pixel data

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